Our Vision

We believe that God has chosen us (The Church) before the foundation of the world with a purpose in fulfilling His plan through Christ’s redemptive work of salvation. Part of our vision is to heal the total man (“spirit, soul, and body”).  Many individuals, saved or unsaved are controlled by spiritual strongholds, and we, as member of Christ Church are commis­sioned to set the captives free by reaching and preaching God’s Word to the lost.

In initiating God’s plan and mission for the Church, we believe in spreading the Gospel within our community and throughout the world. Our feeding the hungry ministry has a mission to feed the poor naturally and spiritually.

Another area of ministry is to host classes or conferences that minister to special needs of children, teenagers, men & woman, singles & married couples and the elderly. In propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we believe in utilizing radio, cable TV, the internet, newspapers, and as a tool for evangelism and advertisement of ministry activities. Our goal is to introduce individuals to the Love of God, with the outcome of commit­ting their lives to Jesus Christ; making them Disciples of Christ.

A.G.A.T. Ministries Church has a goal to strengthen the family and expose any “stronghold” (culturally, domestically, financially, or spiritually) that is contrary to God’s promises; recognized in God’s Holy Word.  “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness…”2 Peter 1:3

We believe in utilizing educational tools as a means of tutoring and enhancing skills learned in public or private educational institutes. In operating in areas of our Biblical responsibility and functioning in the accountability of God Word, this Church is charged in walking in obedience to God’s written and spoken Word.

As we are related to other members of the Body of Christ (local Church ministries), who also share in the same covenant of Christ’s redemptive purposes, in fulfilling God’s vision for this ministry, we are commissioned to fellowship one with another regardless of race, culture, and or denomination.